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About The Company

Over the past 30 years I have had a very successful career as a leader, a mental health counselor and healthcare administrator. My education includes group and individual counseling, a Master’s of Health Administration (MHA), equal opportunity and logistics management. In 2011, I had a good job and was on the career path I thought I wanted but my chronic pain had different ideas. Eventually I had to stop working due to pain and focused on getting healthy “once and for all”. Well, that was 2013 and I have been to many doctors around the country so I understand the frustration of pain and its affects on our lives.

Bishop Life Coaching

I am dedicated to learn and use healthy and productive methods to reduce pain for long term success. As your coach, I “walk the walk” and currently use strength training, stretching, meditation, heat, ice, TENS, and hot tub soaking simply to function daily. I have a passion for Professional Life Coaching and an even greater passion for helping clients through difficult challenges. Let's Do this!